2.5 Muslim Threaten to Leave Facebook

Facebook has a PR issue on their hands and we can only hope that they do not cave into the demands of the Muslims behind this issue. Muslim Facebook users are upset at the removal of 4 pages:


We, at Christians for Israel, going to be presumptuous and say that these users/groups/pages were contravening Facebook’s terms of use or even breaking the law. However, “2.5 million Muslims” don’t care about these issues and are threatening to boycott Facebook, in favor of going to madina.com, a Muslim social networking site.

We think it’s fair to say that there are a few Muslim idiots who are hoping to gain traction (and republishing this story, no doubt, helps their cause), but that the actual number that would carry through and actually close their account would be in the thousands at most. I mean, really, are people going to leave Facebook for Madina.com? Most Muslims realize there is a world outside of Islam…and that it’s better than their world! (And all this makes me think that this is just a publicity stunt by the folks at Madina.com – I bet today made them grow much more than any other day since they launched!)

Their demands to the Facebook team are:

1. Reactivating the four pages that have been disabled
2. Adding a Facebook Term that illegalizes disrespecting all Islamic religious symbols, including Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the Qur’an, as well as Prophet Moses (PBUH), Prophet Jesus (PBUH), and the original Bible
3. Disabling any Facebook Page, Group, or Event that shows direct or indirect disrespect towards Islamic religious symbols

In other words, Muslims want to be able to have carte blanche to insult and harass anybody (including the Christians for Israel facebook fanpage, which is routinely spammed by Muslims who can’t spell), but expect the world to bend over backwards for them.

As we said before, we hope Facebook upholds their decision to remove these pages and continue pursuing users/groups/pages that are actually insulting to most Facebook users. For more information, see the article on the NBC Website. We were hoping to include information about how to contact the folks at Facebook, but alas, it appears they don’t make it too easy!

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