The New Israeli Guardians

Fellow Christians, do you believe the Jews have the right to live in the State of Israel, free of fear? If so, you’re going to love hearing about the organization called The New Israeli Guardians (Hashomer HaChadash in Hebrew). After noting that Israeli farmers and ranchers were living in fear from being attacked by Bedouins, including his father, Yoel Zilberman had enough and began banding together his fellow Israel Defence Forces graduates to protect his fellow Israelis and their land. To hear (errr, read, because it’s in Hebrew) what Israeli ranchers and farmers were living with, you must see this video:

I’m sure our readers will agree that this organization is worthy of our applause, support and donations. However, if you’re not convinced, here’s another video, explaining the history of this amazing Israeli organization, from it’s founder Yoel Zilberman.

While their donations options are primitive (they only accept bank transfer and check), they are worth of our support. Please spread this information far and wide to our fellow Christians!

Posted by admin on Dec 17 2010 in Christians for Israel, Israeli Charities, Muslim Radicalism

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