Palestinians Don’t Want Peace

We’re constantly hearing about how the majority of Israelis and Palestinians want peace. If this was true, there would likely be a peace agreement signed tomorrow. While this is true of Israelis, who want to live normal lives like most of us, it is definitely not true of the Palestinians. One major stumbling block to any peace agreement is the Palestinian insistence on the “right of return”. Notwithstanding that Jordan is Palestine, the Palestinians don’t only want a Jew-free West Bank and Gaza (the latter which they already have), but they also want to flood Israel with millions of refugees, which is what the “right of return” means. Israel obviously won’t do that!

How are we so sure that this is what Palestinians want? According to the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (questions 14 and 15), a Palestinian polling organization, almost 82% of Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza (yes, fully 4 of 5!) say that the Palestinians must NOT renounce thri “right of home return”, even at the price of no peace deal as a consequence, and even with financial compensation! Please keep in mind that the Palestinians polled live in the Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem and are not even the refugees in question, who languish in refugee camps around the Middle East.

Knowing that Israel can never accept the “right of return”, as it would destroy Israel and would create yet another Muslim-majority country, these numbers prove beyond a doubt that Palestinians are not interested in peace – they want Israel destroyed. Let us remember this when our friends tell us that both sides want peace – that Palestinians want peace is a fallacy.

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