God Bless Pastor John Hagee

There is no better defender of Israel in America than Pastor John Hagee. God Bless!

Christians Friends of Yad Vashem

In April, for the first time ever, Christians leaders visted Yad Vashem (the Holocaust memorial in Israel) for an “International Christian Leadership Seminar”. If you’re interested in hearing more about Christian leadership trips to Israel and specifically to Yad Vashem, please check out the Christian Desk of Yad Vashem page – a worthy web visit to see Christians supporting Israel!

Pastor Hagee and Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem in March, 2010

Pastor John Hagee has established himself as one of Israel’s best friends in America and the World. In this short video, Pastor Hagee introduces Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Prime Minister Netanyahu, who calls Jerusalem: “The undivided, eternal capital of the Jewish people”. After a brief talk in Hebrew to Israelis, he speaks on the close relationship between Christians and Jews in general, and Christians and Israel in particular.

We all need to support Prime Minister Netanyahu and the likes of Pastor Hagee and other Christian leaders who stand strongly with Israel! We are not affliliated with Christians United for Israel, but please visit the Christians United for Israel website for more information on “Christians United for Israel Sunday” (May 23rd) and the Washington Summit (July 20-22).

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