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One Minute of Silence for the Munich 11

One Minute of Silence for the Munich 11

Israelis Targeted for Being Israeli

Today, on the 18th anniversary of the bombing of the AMIA building in Buenos Aires, a group of Israelis were attacked in Bulgaria, apparently by Iran. Seven Israelis were killed.

For more information about this tragedy, please read the full story here.

More on the Fate of Coptic Christians in Egypt

The situation of Christian Copts in Egypt is becoming intolerable. Christians are suffering and we hear nothing about it in our churches. What can we do about this? Israel is not the problem in the Middle East – Islamic intolerance is. This video, in German with English subtitles shows how our fellow Christians are living in Egypt.

Teaching Kids to Hate

One of the saddest things about the Middle East is when people abuse their parenting responsibilities and teach their kids to hate. This cute, innocent 2-year-old has little chance of accepting a Jewish state if he’s indoctrinated at such a young age. Unfortunately, this type of parenting is likely rampant in the Middle East.

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