God Bless Pastor John Hagee

There is no better defender of Israel in America than Pastor John Hagee. God Bless!

This Austrian MP Understands What is at Stake

Austrian MP Ewald Stadler understands what is happening to Christian rights in Europe. He takes a strong stance against the Islamization of Austria, focusing on a number of events that have occurred with Turks in Austria. Mr. Ewald Stadler deserves our applause.

More on the Fate of Coptic Christians in Egypt

The situation of Christian Copts in Egypt is becoming intolerable. Christians are suffering and we hear nothing about it in our churches. What can we do about this? Israel is not the problem in the Middle East – Islamic intolerance is. This video, in German with English subtitles shows how our fellow Christians are living in Egypt.

A Brief History of Israel – In Cartoon Form

This cartoon was created by the “Yesha Council”, which is the semi-official representation of the Jews in Judea and Sameria (often called “the settlers). It shows history of the Jews in Israel from the time of Abraham till the present, end ends with a piece of advice for Barack Obama.

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