Canada Deserves Our Blessings

Canada has quietly become Israel’s best friend in the world. Since the first Conservative minority government win in 2006, Stephen Harper, Canada’s Prime Minister, as well as many of his ministers and party members have been amongst the most outspoken friends of Israel and other Christian values.

As The Economist says, while Israel’s relationship with the US has been strained, it’s ties with Canada have strengthened tremendously.

Traditionally, Canada has taken an “even-handed stance” to the Middle East, but the Conservative Party of Canada was the first to cut funding to the Palestinian Authority after Hamas won their election in 2006. Canada’s Foreign minister in 2006, said during the Lebanon war “it’s not a difficult choice between siding with a democracy that’s being attacked by terrorists and a group of cold-blooded killers.” Canada has stopped funding the UN Relief and Works Agency (which, uncommonly known, is a Palestinian-only refugee associates – EVERY SINGLE OTHER REFUGEE IN THE WORLD is under the auspices of the UN High Commissioner on Refugees – UNHCR). The government has also stopped funding to various charities, including a leftist Christian organization that they alleged was anti-Semetic.

The Conservative party, Stephen Harper and his close ministers have shown that they let their convictions play a big part in their politics – fo that, they deserve our heartfelt “God Bless You”.

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